Logo CredeCMS is the term used for a Content Management System

A content management system is something you definitely want.

Why? Because a content management system, or a CMS, helps you manage your website's content without having to touch the code. That's a good thing. It means you can make updates to your site without having to edit any of the code.

Content management systems make life easier for businesses by allowing them to control the content on their website without having to know anything about HTML or CSS.

When you see the process that goes into making changes to the content of a website without a CMS, it begins to make a lot more sense why we have them, and the really important role that they play.

Before there was such a thing as a CMS, businesses would have to call their webmasters, tell them the changes to make, and the webmaster would then have to make those changes directly to the code. In order to get under the hood of a website you needed to open a text editor, do a lot of messing around with HTML and CSS files and then send it up to the website to the server.

Why was this a really bad way to do things? There's two reasons. First, a webmaster having to get on the phone with the business owner, or read PDFs, or emails and make these updates is a huge waste of time and opens the whole process to a lot of potential errors and it gets expensive!

Second, keeping your code and your content so close together is not a great idea. Making direct changes to the code leaves a lot of room for damaging the whole website. Imagine your webmaster making ten, twenty, thirty of these updates in one day. Imagine also that your webmaster is having a really crazy day and had a really crazy Thursday night and they just misplace something in the code’s syntax? Just one tiny thing and it's Houston we have a problem....

So in a nutshell what does a content management system do? It takes us into a world where we no longer have to go into the code to make changes. Everything is clean and it allows us to remove the content from the code. So instead of using the old system, the content management system shows you the visual of what you’re changing (not just pages and pages of code) and you can make the updates in this back-end system that immediately updates the content. Importantly CMS removes the mystery of code which allows you to make changes to your own website from the Back End/ Admin Area if you want to have more control.

So that is the importance of a CMS and using a CMS is a very smart idea for a business

It will save time and money and is a whole lot safer than editing code.

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